Meet the team

The Posh Kebab Company was founded by Duncan & Hannah Nobbs of Partridge Farm Meats and has grown to be a multi award winning company using it’s own Angus Beef, Oxford Lamb and Devon Black Pork. This highly successful producer and street-food business has now teamed up with fellow Devon based multi award winning producer and street-food business Good Game. Good Game was founded by Pete and Steve in 2013 and they have become a recognised authority in charcuterie and butchery working with native breed animals and wild game. Posh Kebab are recognised for having Aberdeen Angus Beef that is: slow grown, grass fed, dry aged and traditionally butchered. Good Game are know for being the only commercial producer of cured meats able to operate using traditional additive and nitrate free methods.

Good Game & Partridge Farm Meats have worked together for a number of years sharing ideas and supporting each other. You wont find two businesses who evangelise more about proper meat and who can share common values and passions.

Posh Kebab and Good Game will continue to do the best Street food as well as cater for events, weddings and parties. We will now do this together enabling a much more diverse offering. We will also be announcing some new, exciting and innovative offerings.

If you are interested in having The Posh Kebab Company and or Good Game at your event please get in touch.

Duncan Nobbs

Duncan Nobbs


Duncan is the owner/ farmer/husband & Father of twin boys George & Freddie already farmers in the making at nearly 4 years of age!!He is the driving force behind Partridge Farm Meats and comes from a family where both sides have been farming for over 200 years. He grew up on a livestock farm & farming is very much in his blood. He met Hannah when they both taught in London over 10 years ago. Shortly after meeting Hannah Duncan sadly lost his Father and this brought them back to Duncan's family farm where the ideas & plans began to start a farm of their own.

Hannah Nobbs

Hannah Nobbs


Hannah grew up in the countryside & came from a family passionate about growing their own produce and creating fabulous homecooked meals. Her Grandfather was a skilled butcher who ran his own shop for over 50 years. He tutored both Hannah & Duncan nearly 10 years ago into butchering their first pigs which is where the idea & passion for running their own Rare & Traditional breed Livestock farm began. Unable to consistently source really good local meat products they became disillusioned with intensive rearing of livestock and meat production & wanted to get back to traditional farming practices and values.